For fucks sake!! this colossal mountain of muscle mass is any gay guys wet dream. Big T is a real bisexual, with a taste for girls, boys and anything in between, completely masculine, non of ‘trying-too-hard’, just a blokes blokes with a thing for blokes and what a thing it is! Six foot two inches and all in proportion thats a solid 8 inches of uncut cock he’s packing and his big swollen bollocks are as bulging as his pecs, abs, and all the other muscles i don’t know the names off. Size ten feet too, there’s a lot to luv and a lot to lick with Big T. We’ve already scheduled this stud for his first ever man-on-man on camera fuck – after seeing him milk that huge, uncircumcised pole – we can’t wait to see him in action. The great dark man is here loosing his porno cherry just for you and waking out a creamy, thick load. YUM!

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