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David Koral and Tonda Smolda begin their day by making a hot bowl of chocolate oatmeal for breakfast. They can’t seem to take their hands off each other long enough to finish, and David goes right for Tonda’s uncut sausage. Tonda fills David up right there on the kitchen counter with his raw cock. The two move into the living room so that David can ride Tonda’s cock better. They empty their nuts on David’s chest and finish passionately kissing.

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Uncut and Raw Scene 2

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Borek Sokol questions Jaro Grygar if he’s ever experienced a boy before, and if he’d be willing to try?  Without hesitation Jaro says no he hasn’t, but yes he wants to know what it’s like to be with a boy.  Starting off with the usual pre warm ups, Jaro begins sucking on Boreks uncut cock, then with some lite finger play, until Borek is balls deep in Jaro’s tight boy hole.  It’s clear that Jaro’s first boy experience will be one to be remembered.

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Uncut and Raw Scene 1

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Dalibor Hlava and Filip Cervenka wake the next morning after a night out.  Filip walks in on Dalibor taking a shower, only to relieve himself of his morning piss.  Filip starts to help dry off Dalibor and things get a little hot for these two smooth uncut twinks.  Filip primes Dalibors tight hole with his tongue to prepare it for his uncut cock, bareback.  They both take each other for a ride to climactic end with streams off hot cum.

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The Cum Guzzlers Club Scene 2

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The Cum Guzzlers Club is in full swing when Roman Chase walks in!  Five young and hung guys are lined up ready and waiting to get their cocks wet.  Roman is more than willing to get down on all fours to milk the cum from each and every one of them too.

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The Cum Guzzlers Club Scene 1

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Roman Chase is desperate to become a member of The Cum Guzzlers Club, but the only way to get into this party, he’ll really have to prove his worth to the owner of the club, Sean Duran.  Muscle daddy Sean Duran knows exactly how to initiate this cock hungry boy into his Cum Guzzlers Club.  Roman gets his wish after the fucking of his life, but what he doesn’t know is what awaits him in the back room.

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This summer is definitely heating up with Chi Chi LaRue’s Splash! What happens when you take six of the hottest men in town, get them naked, and put them near a refreshing pool? You’ll find out when you watch Lucas Knight, Kyle Kash, Brandon Wilde, Cameron Foster, Rico Suave, and Wolfie Blue trying to beat the heat. We like ‘em young, smooth, lean, and HOT, and we know you will too! So watch this summer’s hit, Splash, and don’t forget to bring a towel!

It All Cums Down To Cock

Chi Chi LaRue turns up the heat this summer with the release of her new film, It All Cums Down to Cock!  Sexual fantasies, burning desires, wet and wild fun can be expected in this fucktastic flick.  The movie stars Jason Phoenix, Devin Dixon, Alessandro Del Toro, Armond Rizzo, Landon Conrad, and the adorable Casey Everett!

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At long last, Casey Everett gets his beautiful ass fucked hard by the incredibly sexy Landon Conrad.  Fantasy becomes reality for this little stud.  You won’t see a young buck like this riding cock like a pro anywhere else!  The stock room becomes a pit of sexual desires and essence, but then again we all knew that when It All Cums Down to Cock!



It All Cums Down to Cock Scene 1



Young Casey Everett finds a movie in the stock room, called Phoenix Rising.  He sits back and fantasies about Jason Phoenix and Devin Dixon, all the while rubbing his cock through his tight jeans.  The fantasy begins, Phoenix and Dixon enjoy skinny dipping in the pool and they start playing with a little more than a few pool toys.  Cock sucking, rimming, and a firm ass pounding is what’s on their minds.  Watch what happens when It All Cums Down to Cock!