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It All Cums Down to Cock Scene 3



At long last, Casey Everett gets his beautiful ass fucked hard by the incredibly sexy Landon Conrad.  Fantasy becomes reality for this little stud.  You won’t see a young buck like this riding cock like a pro anywhere else!  The stock room becomes a pit of sexual desires and essence, but then again we all knew that when It All Cums Down to Cock!



Why Wait



Jake Wilder and Jason Maddox are away from their wives for the weekend and decide to hire a hooker. While the two wait for her arrival Jake begins to jerk himself off, which makes Jason a little uncomfortable. Jake convinces Jason to just whip his out too. The hooker is taking forever to get there but Jason is good to go now and can’t wait any longer. He fucks Jake’s tight ass with his thick and throbbing cock before releasing his hot load everywhere.



My Mom’s New Husband Part 5



Dimitri Kane’s new stepdad, Rafael Alencar, accidently walks in on Dimitri masturbating and likes what he sees. After lingering just a little too long, Dimitri finally tells him to leave, and then he goes back to stroking his nice cock. Rafael moves just around the corner, waiting for the right moment to give his new stepson the biggest dick he’s ever seen. Rafael takes on some extra stepdad duties by stretching Dimitri’s tight hole and pounding the fuck out of him with his gigantic cock.