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It All Cums Down To Cock

Chi Chi LaRue turns up the heat this summer with the release of her new film, It All Cums Down to Cock!  Sexual fantasies, burning desires, wet and wild fun can be expected in this fucktastic flick.  The movie stars Jason Phoenix, Devin Dixon, Alessandro Del Toro, Armond Rizzo, Landon Conrad, and the adorable Casey Everett!

It All Cums Down to Cock Scene 1



Young Casey Everett finds a movie in the stock room, called Phoenix Rising.  He sits back and fantasies about Jason Phoenix and Devin Dixon, all the while rubbing his cock through his tight jeans.  The fantasy begins, Phoenix and Dixon enjoy skinny dipping in the pool and they start playing with a little more than a few pool toys.  Cock sucking, rimming, and a firm ass pounding is what’s on their minds.  Watch what happens when It All Cums Down to Cock!