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TEXT FOR SEX 4 – Marco Ramsay & Augustus Cummings



Oh These youngsters, they might look cute and naive, but with burgeoning appetites, big uncut dicks and heavy cum filled bollocks…oh cast your mind back you remember what it was like when you were nineteen and twenty! Marco Ramsay is a rampantly oversexed Italian and he can’t wait to get into Augusto’s underpants. These exhibitionist boys, strip down, the waist bands of their underpants flip their stiff dicks up to hit their hard, flat belly, and they’re straight in their to tongue each others generous foreskins and lick out each others, sweaty, tight holes. Augusto ain’t backward at cumming forward and presents his ‘almost’ virginal’ hole like a randy slut, ready for Marco’s long, uncut, stiff-as-a-rock cock to slide elegantly right up to the hole in his muscular hole. The guys hold still for a second as Augusto gets his breath….and then….