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Johnny Torque has come home from serving his country, and earned a little down time to head home for a short spell, unbeknownst to his boyfriend Paul Canon. He surprises Paul, who can’t believe his eyes when he sees Johnny. They embrace and go inside, where Paul reveals that he’s been web camming for money. Johnny is intrigued, and wants to know more later, but right now all he wants to do his rip Paul’s clothes off and have his way with him. Johnny unzips his camos and lets his hard dick peek out. Paul falls on Johnny’s cock and immediately starts sucking him off, tonguing Johnny’s head and teasing his balls, before stripping him down to just his t-shirt. Johnny sucks Paul off before bending him over and giving him the sweet dick he’s been missing since Johnny’s last furlough.
Paul closes his eyes as Johnny plunges his cock deep inside, rocking Paul’s world in that way that only Johnny can. Paul moans as Johnny pounds him, then takes control, sitting Johnny back against the couch and riding him reverse, grinding his ass against Johnny’s stomach as he rides Johnny’s cock. Johnny is ready to burst but Paul begs him to lay him down and fuck the cum out of him, so Johnny obliges as Paul squirts his load all over himself, begging Johnny to do the same. Afterwards, it’s clear, the cum covered web model and his hot soldier beau have plenty to talk about.

Glory Days


Dirk Yates brand new Glory Days!  I don’t care what you look like, because I just love sucking cock!  In this new Dirk Yates flick you can expect to see plenty of cock hungry straight military men ready and willing to get down on their knees!  Glory Days features Cooper, Joey Rico, Justin Philips, Skyler Hicks, Mike, Mark Smith, Mike Honcho, Hall, and Aaron Reese.  All 100% straight, 100% horny, and 100% ready to bust a full load.  You don’t want to miss out on this Glory Hole suck fest!


Glory Days Scene 3

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Mike Honcho is getting ready to go on leave, but decides to get himself off beforehand.  He has a bag full of fun toys to play with, he strips naked and starts to fuck himself with his dildos.  Private Mark Smith enters the community showers with Mike after a long day, and they wash up in the showers.  They both notice the action happening behind the glory hole and get in on the fun.  You won’t want to miss this incredibly hot scene with three straight army men, tons of cock sucking, a double sided dildo, and loads of creamy cum!

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