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This is Peter, a handsome stud who’s built like a chiseled statue. I’m not surprised, as he told Claude, he’s in the gym every day, most of the day. While they chat, before Peter pulls out his strong cock, Claude hits the nail right on target when he guesses that Peter is a ‘layed back, easy-going type of guy.’

Peter is a no-frills type of dude. He’s not hiding anything and that makes for the type of recruit that’s easy to work with. I think Peter’ll be a real soldier to watch coming up. And by the way this solo goes, I certainly think he’ll be back for more. I could see Peter using that power to really fuck a new recruit into shape, and I could also imagine him taking a very solid pounding by someone like Trammel, who would be fun to watch work his huge cock into a fresh, hungry recruit like Peter.

It really turned me on seeing Peter’s muscles ripple as he gripped and jacked his hard dick. He has an intensity as he cranks his erection that you can’t deny. I’m hoping Peter will bring that back for us to enjoy.