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Levi has a great smile and one of our most nervous recruits we’ve had yet. He’s not scared of the outdoors but indoors is a whole new world for him. Claude gives him the run down and then lets him go at it.

He has creamy white skin smooth barely any hair but what a nice cock. He’s relaxing on the couch rubbing himself getting his dick hard and then slips off his underwear to reveal a sexy dick. He’s got one of those cocks that will fit anywhere just perfectly and I’m sure we all can’t wait to see him in action with another soldier.

Levi stands up to show off his glorious balls as Claude is right underneath him to show the perfect stroking and his balls twitching. Back to the couch the camera moves in for an extreme close up of his sexy hole as he strokes his dick with a strong momentum.

Finally Levi looks into the camera and is ready to bust his built up load which is a huge stream of beautifulness. I know I loved this scene more than others, maybe because of the nervousness on Levis face or just because he’s one damn cute new recruit. Welcome to the squad Levi.


His name is Johnny Thompson and he’s about the cutest recruit I’ve seen in…I can’t remember! Yes, Johnny is about as fresh-faced and wide-eyed as they cum. What a treat to see a young soldier begin his tour of Active Duty! Especially one with Johnny’s great energy and enthusiasm. He certainly loves tugging his meat here for us.

Claude has Johnny start things off by pulling out his cock and stroking it in a cloth-upholstered, high-back chair. He slowly pulls in tight on Johnny’s face and we get a nice look at Johnny’s big, gorgeous lashes. He bats them at us as he looks down at his hard dick, nervous, but still having an enjoyable first-time experience on camera. His demeanor plays very well into his enticing innocent, boy-next-door look.

We get to see it up close and in action when Claude has Johnny bend over the chair and show us how sexy he can move. I have a feeling that after a little time spent among the rest of our platoon, Johnny will learn a few new hot moves! I’m looking forward to seeing that sweet, meaty ass get pounded.

Johnny ends up delivering a good, explosive cum blast, all over his chest and stomach. He worked hard this time and fought threw a little bit of nerves to give us a good show, and he was rewarded for it. That’s one of the lessons we seek to teach our new recruits, like Johnny. I know he’ll be diligent enough to carry what he’s learned from his first time solo into his next experience.


One of my favorite types of guy (for obvious reasons) is the strong Southern gentleman. They ooze a special, old-world flavor that’s so unique and charming. Jerry Price is just that type of gentleman.

Once Claude leaves Jerry alone to get comfortable (and naked), Jerry moves to a more comfy chair and strips on down to what the Lord gave him. My sweet goodness, those abs are divine! And take a look at that herculean cock. If we’re lucky enough to have Jerry jump into the mix with our other recruits, he’ll definitely be in the running for hottest bod on the squad!

After Jerry gets a bit more loose and a lot more lubed, Claude comes back and gets us some really nice, tight shots of Jerry’s face. I love that Jerry frequently licks his lips while looking into the camera. He has a luscious mouth and a very aesthetically-pleasing bone structure.

I’m certain y’all will be surprised when Jerry erupts, in his words, ‘like a volcano’ after only about five minutes of tugging his swollen meat. It is truly an epic explosion of hot juices, and one of the most outrageously heavy loads I’ve ever seen. Don’t worry though, at this point Jerry is FAR from ending this stroke session. Like a stalwart soldier, Jerry advances further into battle, jacking his fat stiffie with even greater fervor than we’d seen.

Claude gets nice and low for an underneath angle that allows us to look up at the jerking Jerry, as if we were waiting for his second blast to bless us as a nice, warm shower. But it’s not at this point that we see a follow up.

Jerry moves to the couch, where he seems to get even more comfortable, partially kicking up a leg and relaxing one arm across the back of the couch. After getting good ‘n’ tight on Jerry, really showing off the dick-hardening intricacies of his chest and stomach, Claude comes over Jerry’s shoulder to give us a POV shot.

Around this point, we get another wonderful cumshot from Jerry. ‘It’s another gusher every five minutes!’ Claude says. Then Jerry moves back to the chair to CONTINUE stroking his fat cock! We get some more incredibly hot solo action from Jerry before he explodes AGAIN!!!


Here’s a sweet ‘n’ hottie for you to feast your eyes on. His name is Sean and he has gorgeous eyes with a wry, mischievous smile. Sean is 27 and likes to indulge his passion for soccer when on leave. After having the privilege of seeing Sean nude, I’m not surprised he’s an avid sportsman. Sean was blessed with a delicious skin tone and a wonderfully plump rear end. I think I could get away with describing his demeanor as a bit reserved. But that’s part of what I like most about new recruits like Sean!
Sean became a little more comfortable after a few minutes and settled into a nice groove. He put his feet up on the leather couch at one point and laid back, continuing to tug his boner. Not long into the session, Claude had Sean fuck in between a couple leather pillows. In this shot, we get a great look at Sean’s strong ass muscles and his propensity for thrusting hard. I can certainly imagine Sean giving a fellow soldier a jolly-good rogering with that power.
Claude also peeked with the camera over Sean’s shoulder to show you what he sees every day when he jacks his big cock. I really enjoyed Sean, and I’m glad he’s decided to expand his horizons by having some fun with us. I have a good feeling he’ll be back. And when he is, we’ll see of what this stud is truly capable.


Well Claude has been hard at work lately, making sure our latest recruits are the absolute cream of the crop. And my goodness, he’s done a helluva job this time! Meet Matt, the most recent stud to enlist with our fine platoon.Matt is nice ‘n’ hard, right as soon as he gets down to stroking that big, excited cock. He starts out seated on the couch, then Claude has him stand up. This solo session is one where we get to see a brand new recruit loosen up quite a bit. By the end of this jerk off, Matt was definitely enjoying himself and had probably forgotten a little bit that he was tugging his meat for the first time on camera.

Claude took the liberty of getting a very nice angle over Matt’s shoulder. Matt has such a nice, thick dick. I’d love to see him come back and have some more fun, particularly with one (or more) of our hungry-assed recruits. I think it would be a real adventure to see a big, strong soldier like Matt pair up with another that has a similar build, like Jeremy, to give a hungry bottom a good pounding.

We get some nice shots of Matt enjoying his impeccable physique in the mirror while he jerks his swollen cock. It’s right after this that Matt shoots an incredibly massive load all over the leather couch. He came so much, in fact, that Claude sat Matt down after the Vesuvius-like eruption to talk about it. Claude explains that Matt hadn’t had orgasmed in over 2 weeks! When you see the size of his warm, thick explosion, you’ll see the amazing fruit of his abstinence. It’s here that we really get a good taste of Matt’s uninhibited personality, and I can’t say I’m more excited to see this sweetheart of a hulk return to do some more experimenting and push his boundaries even further.


Here’s an outstandingly handsome recruit who’s joining us for the very first time. Boy, this Brad Davis is the quintessence of the strong, lean soldier’s body. I’m excited to see all that he brings to the table for us. I can tell he’s gonna have a whole bunch to offer. And what a great job he does here for his first time on camera!

Brad starts fattening his cock up under his shorts right away. He looks straight into the camera with his big, gorgeous brown eyes. This is around the point when I realized what potential Brad has for commanding attention merely with his presence. He definitely has what it takes.

Eventually, Brad stands up from the bed and steps out of the camo shorts. He sits back down and continues squeezing his cock underneath his boxer briefs. After getting just a bit more comfortable, he takes his shirt off and shows us more tattoos and his unbelievably hot physique. Brad is built just the way we like our go-to soldiers. It’s easy to see he packs plenty of strength.

Finally, that cock comes out and Claude gets in nice and tight while Brad strokes himself on the bed. We see that big, stiff dick getting jacked, and Brad’s handsome face behind it, sometimes peeking around and looking at us. I like Brad’s hand tattoos, especially from this angle.

Then Brad stands up and Claude gets an angle from Brad’s perspective. Brad’s cock is so nice. It’s thick, and just like him, looks like it could do some damage! I like the way it looks in his hands, too. He has rough-looking hands that also have an aesthetically pleasing quality. I’d wager another cock would look great in his hands as well!

Claude is really bringing in so many awesome recruits lately! Guys like Brad are such treats for our platoon and are exactly how we’ve kept troop morale sky-high. Sit back and join him for this excellent debut, as Brad joins the squadron of the finest men engaged in Active Duty!


Shawn is a thin guy, but he tells Claude he’s pretty big on spending time in the gym. Once that tank top comes off, we see that Shawn is lean but very nicely toned. He also has a hint of that wonderful farmer’s tan look I so enjoy. I love his sun-bleached, fair complexion. That nice, golden skin and his short, semi-tousled hair is so California and very I’m-just-here-to-party.
It’s easy to see that Shawn knows he has a great ass. It’s plump, sticking out in just the right way to be properly pounded. You’ll notice, toward the end of the part where Claude is shooting him from behind, Shawn looks behind him at his own ass, then hungrily at the camera. It’s a provocative moment that really makes me wanna get this bad boy together with another sexy recruit, and soon!
Just like I had suspected from the beginning, Shawn does in fact have some unusual things for us to enjoy in this jerk session. He ends up, pretty much right from the start, stroking while lying on his back. Claude comes in underneath for an upwards shot, where we enjoy Shawn tugging his meat and also the sight of Shawn’s lovely ass. It’s not long before Shawn is pushing his dick downwards and rubbing the head all around his tight, pink hole. What a naughty young soldier!
Then, we see Shawn get into some couch fucking. Claude captures some excellent shots of that gorgeous bubble but clenching and releasing. He requests that Shawn spread his luscious cheeks for us, and he does. Take a look here at that amazing hole! So tender, so tight, and I can tell, so hungry. That’s a position I think we can fill!


He’s extremely sexy and he’s ready for you to watch him play. His name is Derek Maxum and he’s come to stroke his enormous, delicious cock on the balcony, overlooking beautiful vineyards. His chiseled body is well oiled and his muscles move erotically as he tugs his fat, erect dick.You’ll love this passionate jerk session that moves from outside to inside, where Derek finishes himself off with intensity. He’s looking deeply into your eyes, inviting you to join him. Take him up on the invitation and share these incredibly hot moments as you both work together toward an explosive, victorious ending.


Jimmy Dube was pinch-hitting today for a solo performer who couldn’t make it in at the last minute. So, all comfortable he was when he settled onto the sofa, Jimmy quickly started to pull on his sizable cock. He was horny and he let it be known that he hadn’t let one go in several days. He quickly got into the groove and went on for quite a while at playing with his ass (for a straight guy this is always hot to see) and balls, spat on his rod and was having a great time.

Off screen, we hear the front door opening and shutting, and Jimmy quickly goes for a pillow to cover his compromising position. Little did he know that Marko had texted Matthew Parker (formerly Hayden Colby who had recently told Marko he wanted to return to filming) and surprise Jimmy. Once Matthew came face to face with Jimmy, he reached over to remove the pillow hiding the jewels, kissed our straight man and made his way down to that horny cock head…. To be continued.


Emilio Calabria is one horny dude. Waking up, he desperately needs to whip his cock to attention and rub one out. As he is getting on and wanking his 8′ plus cock, our newcomer Rian Fortin appears out of nowhere and surprise our Italian stallion. Emilio does not seem to be able to take it over the top, and Rian offers him a hand. Each guy sits on the edge of the bed and work their own cocks into stiff attention as they watch one another jerk off. The guys move in on each other and kiss…. However, jacking off wasn’t going to be enough for these two young and horny dudes. Stay tuned!