Logan Moore & Alex Mecum Flip-Fuck!

05There’s something about the outdoors that makes men horny… especially deep in the secluded woods, the only sounds being birds and planes passing by overhead. It’s reminiscent of the earlier days of “cruising” in the Meat Rack, where guys were more savage, raw, and primal. Alex Mecum and Logan Moore proved to be a good example of those times — their hunky, slightly hairy, and very muscular bodies coming together without speaking a single word for some dirty flip-fucking.

My Mom’s New Husband Part 1



Duncan Black comes home to surprise his mom for her birthday but instead gets surprised himself. It’s his mom’s hot new husband, Dirk Caber, naked in bed. Dirk knows Duncan has been checking him out and finally offers him a taste of his juicy cock. Duncan knows he can’t pass up this opportunity so he does just what his new stepdad says.



Glory Days Scene 3

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Mike Honcho is getting ready to go on leave, but decides to get himself off beforehand.  He has a bag full of fun toys to play with, he strips naked and starts to fuck himself with his dildos.  Private Mark Smith enters the community showers with Mike after a long day, and they wash up in the showers.  They both notice the action happening behind the glory hole and get in on the fun.  You won’t want to miss this incredibly hot scene with three straight army men, tons of cock sucking, a double sided dildo, and loads of creamy cum!

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Mormon Undercover Part 1 – Jake Wilder | Paul Canon



Paul Canon is the Mormon undercover, and he’s got quite a few tricks up his sleeve. Just ask Jake Wilder who finds out firsthand how good Paul’s missionary cock tastes.   17




59832_02Our new boy Bo has undergone quite the transformation in such a short amount of timebut today’s when he gets fully indoctrinated into the Active Duty roster, as he teams up with Mike’s roster all-stars Tim and Dan for his first threeway! Bo’s sandwiched between them grinning ear-to-ear at the chance to be hanging out with the cool crowd, and you can tell he’s eager to impress. The guys pass around Bo’s slut mouth between them for a little while, until Tim decides he wants to take this to the bed.Ever a consummate professional, Dan’s already one step ahead of him and assumes the position, bending over and giving Tim access to his hot muscular ass from behind. Tim sticks his cock right between Dan’s meaty buns and goes to town, while Bo moves around the two to get in position on the bed for Dan to suck his stiff prick. Dan looks like a cock hungry whore with a dick at either end of him and greedily taking them both at once. Tim knows what it’s like to fuck Dan by now but this is Bo’s first time and he’s gasping at how good it feels to get his dick worked over by a dude who knows what he’s doing.The guys go at it, spit-roasting Dan’s beautiful bod from both ends until Tim decides he’s ready to bust. He pulls out and creams all over Dan’s beefy buttcheeks, and the sight is too much for Bo to handle. He’s so turned on he pulls his dick out of Dan’s mouth and starts rubbing himself to meltdown, with Dan stroking himself right beside him. Both guys blow their loads all over their chests and then the three cozy up together for their de-briefing.



Today we’re getting acquainted with a young stud from way back in 2002 named Matt. Matt’s got a clean-cut look to him with styled hair and a button-up shirt. But don’t fret, just because he’s looking all respectable that doesn’t mean he hasn’t got a wild side — after all, he’s shooting a film of himself jacking off in front of a complete stranger!  Matt comes from Mississippi, and you can hear it from his accent. He’s 23, 5’6′ and 120 pounds, and he’s grinning from ear to ear as he undresses, and he’s ready to rip those clothes off but I have to remind him a bunch of times to go slow and tease us a bit. I get him to show off the length of his dick for a bit too — he’s got a pretty big cock for such a short guy. He’s also got a ring of pubes all around his dick, a thick mess of brown bush that goes all the way down to his ass, and I know because we get plenty of footage of him spreading that hairy hole for the folks back home.  When Matt settles down to do the deed properly, he quickly edges himself up and shoots a sticky mess all over his hands. He even makes a joke about people coming over to lick it off him, but I told him ‘don’t tempt me!’

Daddy Issues


All of your daddy issues will vanish after watching this Chi Chi LaRue hit!!  These daddies have exactly what you need, from stunning good looks, rock hard bodies, and right down to their huge cocks.  The look of complete and utter pleasure can be found on the face of each boy in this daddy fuck fest.  The movie features Top daddies Rocco Steele, Scotty Rage, Mitch Vaughen, bottom boys Casey Everett, Kyle Kash, and Trelino.  Get lost in Channel 1 Releasing’s new hot and heavy, Daddy Issues!


Scene 1:  Big Daddy Rocco Steele is waiting for the business interview of a life time.  He catches the eye of the sexy receptionist Casey Everett.  Casey does everything in his power to make Mr. Steele feel at home and comfortable, and that means working on his giant cock.  Casey offers his warm wet hole in attempt to tame Roccos beast of cock!  Rocco has just what is takes to fuck the Daddy Issues right out of this hungry bottom!

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Scene 2:  In this hot and steamy scene between Kyle Kash and Scotty Rage, Kyle serves and worships Scotty’s cock like it deserves.  Scotty walks in on Kyle in the shower, and the two work out Kyle’s Daddy Issues.  Nothing a little cock sucking, rimming, and firm ass pounding can’t cure!

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Scene 3:  Trelino is taking a break with an icy cold one, as boss man Mitch Vaughn strolls by to catch him in the act.  Mitch is going to teach Trelino the meaning of HARD labor, just in time too, Trelino has some real Daddy Issues he needs to work out.  Big cocks and hot daddy fucking action is to be expected in this hot Chi Chi LaRue hit!